22 March 2008

Henry Moore at Kew Gardens

Happy Easter and so to Kew Gardens, where I took a stroll with my parents who live nearby.

Maybe it was the beautiful spring sunshine, or the fact that we got there early and had the place to ourselves, or the carpets of spring bulbs, or the fact that I was feeling relaxed and child free, but I was quite blown away by the Henry Moore exhibition at Kew. As it says on the website, it's monumental sculpture in a world heritage setting. Click here for more about the large reclining figure below.

Henry Moore is known for his organic shapes in bronze and marble, often abstractions of the human form. His work was often inspired by the shapes of bone and stone flints that he found near his home and I particularly love his female figures and those that represent mother and child. Click here for more about the female reclining figure below.

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Prêt à Voyager said...

Last fall I saw many of his sculptures in Berlin...I recognize the "apple core" from your photographs- one of my favorites growing up as a kid (it was at the art museum in Kansas).


poetloverrebelspy said...

I visited in October and didn't have enough time to make it around to all of them either -- I spent quite a bit of time watching the video on Moore that was part of the exhibition.

The sculpture absolutely enhanced my visit to the gardens. I think I would have been disappointed otherwise. (I know, blasphemy!)

This one was *my* favorite . . .