5 March 2008

A Fairtrade trip to the Philippines

In Fairtrade Fortnight it's great to see all the media coverage about the difference that buying Fairtrade products can make. But I've also noticed some articles casting doubts on whether Fairtrade is an effective way of tackling poverty. Fairtrade has added its views to the debate but I was keen to hear from someone who had first hand experience of visiting Fairtrade producers.

So I contacted Jenny Foster, Fairtrade co-ordinator for Bristol who visited the Philippines last year, to hear her story - it turned out that our children are in the same class at the same school. It's certainly a small travelling world!

The Bicol area of the Philippines that Jenny visited is a mecca for divers and for climbers who visit the active volcane Mt Mayon. Jenny was able to get off the tourist trail and see what life was like for the people living there.

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jen laceda said...

Oh Heather, I'm originally from the Philippines, and I'm happy to hear that people care about the plight of the handicraft workers in my country and elsewhere around the world! Thank you for featuring this.

Philippine start page said...

Ohh..you been to my country..I know you find Philippines a nice place right? hmmm..Philippines are not bad country anyway..